Pause, Pivot, Accelerate: Reinvent Finance Transformation


CFOs engage solutions such as RPA to comply to heightened regulatory standards and steer business out of imminent financial downturn

Finance organisations are responsible for some of the most critical business functions in the enterprise today

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Heightened standards for financial reporting and regulatory compliance have put increasing pressure on organisations to be more accurate and efficient in financial reporting operations. Today’s CFOs need to engage a digital transformation strategy to meet these increasing demands, drive business efficiency and competitiveness, stay compliant and manage risk. The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent economic downturn, have shifted the organisational focus from growth and efficiency to business continuity. This is forcing CFOs to prioritise actions such that they are increasing their cash position and cutting down on costs. By focusing on quicker turnaround transformation initiatives, businesses can capitalise on large operational efficiency gains, with speed in a controlled manner. Amplifying the gains over time, CFOs can safely steer their business out of crisis and maintain and grow a position of sustainable profit.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a critical, enabling technology in finance transformation plans. By deploying RPA, businesses can streamline financial operations and automate manual finance processes across a fragmented legacy system environment. Significant benefits can be realised across financial operations, regulatory and management reporting, financial planning and analysis, treasury and tax operations, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Don’t miss this session as we uncover how CFOs can leverage RPA technology and reduce the economic shock of COVID-19. Group.

Exploring how organisations like Australia Post, Synergy, Juniper, Suncorp and ANZ Bank have transformed their finance operations with RPA and how this automation process has reduced time and costs by as much as 86%. Capitalising on automation as a finance function and incorporating RPA as it becomes a future key pillar of CFOs’ strategy to make business more resilient, financially and operationally. Streamlining financial operations across legacy systems powered by technologies like SAP, to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency.

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