Key considerations for automating SAP processes

Spectar Group Spectar Group focuses on using advanced automation techniques such as oData and BAPI to automate SAP processes for reliability and bulletproofing processes

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SAP is well known as a large ERP software used by many large companies in different industries ranging from manufacturing, banking, pharmaceuticals, government to name a few. When presented with the task to automate functions in the SAP environment there are several ways this can be done. Even though it is not uncommon to resort to screen scraping (sure it will do the job), we at Spectar Group offer a number of advanced techniques besides screen scraping that allow us to communicate with SAP in robust way. Advantages includes faster processing times (as we talk directly to the systems engine), less errors (as code is not screen dependant and no need to program each pop up), intelligent error messages (as using functions allows us to read SAP error messages directly) and ultimately resulting in bots that have lower failure rates (as the system does not fail when screen is not reachable).

A problem with screen scraping is the fact that each pop up needs to be programmed individually, and even though this technique does have its place and use cases, using advanced techniques like BAPIs or oData greatly benefit clients. Techniques we use depend on several variables – release of SAP (is it HANA or ECC?), client preference, Version of automation software (it is V11 or A2019), functionality, etc…Not all SAP releases have oData and not all functions are supported by a BAPI. This is where we will help to drive the whole process end to end. Working with your technical team, we will establish the best mechanism to use, making sure that your SAP has all the necessary set ups and results are robust bots that are almost bulletproof.

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