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Special Digital Workers are a group of virtual employees that can do many of the same tasks as real workers. They think, reason and analyze data just like human workers. You can hire them for a fixed monthly rate.

Specia Digital Worker team is experienced to perform several end-to-end processes including reading emails, extracting email attachments, extracting data from an attachment, supplementing data based on business rules, entering data in various ERP / CRM systems, and generating business reports. Hire a Digital Worker to help perform tasks in Customer Service, Finance, Procurement and HR.

Meet our Digital Workers

Bob managing sales orders for Föhl

Petrobo performs pet registration at a City Council

Elliot managing invoicing at Carpet Court

What We Bring in!!

What Sets us apart!

Meeting time, cost, and quality help in measuring an IT project done right. Realising the benefits affirms future success. Whilst this is true for most projects, business driven RPA projects, incubated, delivered, and measured on business benefits is the key metric we strive for. RPA projects can deliver quick measurable benefits and ROI. However, with greater than 70% of costs going towards services and support, a lean RPA specific delivery methodology is ideal. In our experience delivery methodologies suited to larger enterprise programs may hinder not just the ROI , but make employee onboarding and change rollout difficult. Spectar’s value proposition of a proprietary digital assistant and delivery methodology, supported by a lean experienced team of RPA consultants are all critical success factors for an RPA project..

Services We Offer!

Robotic Process Automation

Centerpeice of our business proposition, RPA enables sustainability

TOSCA Test Automation

Suite of Test Automation services form critical component of our go-to-market strategy


We believe in enabling the next-gen to gain the right skills that are high in demand in industry.

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